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Mission Statement

The Scott County School District is committed to provide effective educational opportunities in an environment of abiding and concern for the intellectual and ethical development of every student with the insistence on a curriculum that represents the best of human thought, wherever it is found. Our mission is designed to cultivate a spirit of community that welcomes and embraces the richness of the human family and inspires every student and adult to be life-long learners with access to the knowledge and awareness that are essential to the attainment of goals and pursuit of careers which look forward to a new century. To fulfill this mission, the Scott County School District will integrate technology across the curriculum to improve student performance and enhance teaching. The District and the Board are committed to acquiring current technology and pursuing the most advanced teacher training. The goals include guidelines for the development of district curriculum and the commitment that both the curriculum and its instructional delivery to students will be of the highest quality, that all students will have equal access to the curriculum, and that the district will provide the necessary resources.

Vision Statement

The Scott County School District believes that all children can learn, if given an opportunity, in an atmosphere conducive to learning, provided the proper assistance is given under the direction of well-trained and well-equipped, caring professionals. We believe that it is the responsibility of educators to meet the needs of every student to the greatest degree possible.

Because we believe that all children can learn, we envision that the use of technology will enhance the learning experience of each child. Using technology is a basic skill that will help students become life-long learners capable of critical thinking and problem solving. Life-long learners will have access to a technology rich environment, which will allow them to develop their maximum potential for leading productive and fulfilling lives in a complex and changing society.

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